Normally I am all about practical, easy to implement, cutting edge strategies to accelerate the growth of your business. But today, I want to bring us back to the one thing that should propel everything we do in our businesses: our mission.

If you haven’t fully nailed down your mission, I want you to stop everything and do that!

You truly cannot grow a successful business if you don’t have a clear purpose. Without a mission you are simply pushing products and services. You will eventually run out of ideas, credibility and stamina without a mission. Your mission keeps you creative, keeps you honest and keeps you going.

A business’s mission should be focused on something other than simply making money; it needs to be focused on truly helping others.

Here are some examples..

  • If you sell skincare products, consider why this is important. Does it help women feel more confident?  Then your mission is NOT to sell lots of face washes, but to help women find their confidence.
  • If you sell leggings, consider what need this meets for women. Does it offer a simple, comfortable solution to help busy moms stress less over what they wear? Then your mission is to help busy moms live their lives with less stress.
  • Are you a personal trainer? What do you offer the women who work with you?Do your clients feel stronger, healthier and more confident? Then your mission is to help women feel strong, healthy and confident in their own skin.
  • Are you a photographer? Then you provide people with more than just photos. Do you help your clients capture the memories that will create a legacy for their families?If so, then your mission is to document the moments that create your client’s legacy.

Missions don’t have to be complicated and detailed, but they do have to be clear. My mission on the Agency Side is to understand and satisfy the business strategy, content and design needs of female entrepreneurs. Every program we create, will always move us in this direction.

Having a clear mission helps you:

  • Create a broad range of products, services and programs to meet the evolving needs of your ideal client. If you simply sell skin care, then that’s where your revenue streams end. However, if your mission is to help women find their confidence, then you can add in other revenue streams: life coaching, a confidence course, personal training.
  • Say no to anything outside your mission. Your mission is like your bouncer. If a product or program doesn’t seamlessly fit in with your mission, then it gets kicked to the curb. If your mission is to help women feel strong, healthy, and confident than you would say no to creating an accounting course for tech start-ups.
  • Set clear goals. Your mission is the umbrella under which all of your goals sit. Your mission comes first, then, your goals break down exactly how you will move towards your mission. My mission to end the trend of obesity, led to the creation of my FASTer Way program. As that program continues to move me towards that mission, I continue to look for more and more ways to make the program accessible and available to more and more people…so I can get closer to the overall mission. Your mission creates a cycle of growth for your business.

If you are unclear on your mission, I challenge you to take a break from the hustle and reassess. Clear your mind for a bit and consider WHY you are doing everything you are doing. Write out your mission, communicate your mission regularly and allow your mission to be your bouncer…so you can successfully grow a business that makes a difference!